Summary and Response

“Pleasure in Naming All the Parts of the Known in Their Expected Order: How Traditional Chinese Agrarian Culture Influences Modern Chinese Cyberspace Communication” is written by Daniel D. Ding. It talks about the effects that the Confucian concept of naming causes on Chinese Web design. He points out the Confucius value is trying to use name to identify essence of objects so people can perform their roles to approaching their identities defined by names. This concept is applied to Web design in modern China. He lists the Beijing Olympic Organization Committee Website and the website of Chinese Foreign Ministry to support his point by clarifying both of them do not pay attention on explaining specific procedures to web visitors. He also shows his own perspective by coming up with unclear instructions of this two websites.

After reading this article, Ding wants to express the Chinese websites do not actual solve web visitors’ problem because they did not indicate specific steps. However, I disagree author’s opinion. Web designers for Chinese websites actually make the website clear which lives up to the Confucian perspective, using correct name to avoid ambiguity. For example, in the website of Beijing Olympic Organization, three options “Pay with Visa Card”, “Pay with Bank of China Saving Account” and “Pay with” clearly illustrate 3 ways to buy tickets. Especially “Pay with Bank of China Saving Account” designates the specific kind of bank instead of vague categorizes. Cards of Bank of China Saving Account are differentiated from other cards from different bank such as Rural Credit Cooperatives. In addition, people who want to buy tickets through one of methods are actually put in a corresponding context. In that context, people need to follow certain rules set by banks or administers. So there are underlying rules for people to follow. In CFM website, the descriptions of each visa category gives applicants the use of specific visa and needed materials. Applicants are assumed to have already known basic structure of applying for visas. Those detailed information is used to help them figure out what type of visa they should apply for. Hence, applicant will not be confused about what kinds of visas are suitable for them. Therefore, Chinese websites which are influenced by Confucian concept of naming shows good divisions and give audience clear instructions.