Donald Trump, a Monster

Donald Trump’s Ideology of Violence is written by Ezra Klein published in Vox. In the article, Klein pointed out the violent ideology of Donald Trump and his underlying encouragement of violent behaviors. He used Trumps’ speech word as an evidence of arousing violence, “Knock the hell out of them. I promise you I will pay for the legal fees. I promise.”, “People who are following me are very passionate” and “These are the people that are destroying our country”. Klein hold the hostile attitude towards Donald Trump and He was worried about the future of American if Donald Trump wins the presidential election.

After looking through the whole article, I agree with Klein’s opinion. Donald Trump is a horrible person. He believed protestors are making the nation weak and thought the only way to strengthen American was to follow his direction. How arrogant he was! In addition, his claim to use forces against protestors was cruel. He reminded me of emperor in ancient China who liked to use punishments to suppress people. What’s worse was he did not realize his fault totally. He thought Michelle Fields made up the facts she was grabbed by Trump’s campaigns manager because she stepped forward to ask a question. Trump found the excuse for his supporters’ wrong behaviors which indirectly connived in such similar actions. He even addressed his aggressive supporters as passionate people which provoked indignation of many people. I insist he is ridiculous and immoral since he tried to turn negative behaviors into positive. Indeed, his tough attitude aims at improving interests of America, but it hurts democratic system in American. He shows us his ruthlessness in order to achieve his goal. Therefore, I agree with Klein’ point that American will go to a dark path if a monster comes into power.