Welcome to Ms Cuty! My name is Minnie Lin and I am the founder of Ms Cuty. Ms Cuty is a blog arming to deliver the interesting things in life in every aspect. It includes my daily life, American Education and some delicious Chinese food. These are colorful things that you should not definitely miss. Every blog is worthwhile to be read since I always post them after my considerations. After you visit my blog, I promise you will relax for a moment because I will share the funny stories about my family and me; you will experience the differences between Chinese and American; and you will clearly know the steps to do traditional Chinese food.


I am a sophomore in Wenzhou Kean University, which is a Chinese school in American style. In here, I realize the big difference between Chinese education and American education and I am very interested in comparing and contrasting American and Chinese Education.


IMG_0068Also, I love my family very much and I am willing to share my happiness with others so they could also feel how luck I am.The is the link of one of my blog, I hope you can love my little niece     https://minnie2942.wordpress.com/2016/02/17/happy-hours-with-little-niece/In the meanwhile, I also want people to know the importance of accompanying parents in the rest of their life.


What’s more, I am food of wonderful food. I will ask my friend some good places to enjoy food, explore snack streets to find special food and surf online to dig recipes. Cooking and eating delicious are my hobbies in my leisure time.