Response to The Mission

In the movie “The Mission”, it developed its story around the Jesuits and the Guaraní community. As first, the Guaraní very resisted the arrival of Jesuit which was showed in the beginning of the movie that a priest was killed and sent to a fall with wooden cross. However, the Guaraní warriors allowed the priest, Father Gabriel, alive when they found he was playing his oboe. The mission of the Father Gabriel was to provide the indigenous people a place of sanctuary and education. He led Guaraní out of the jungle and built their own mission in the land. Another important role in the movie was Roderigo Mendoza who was used to be a salver of Guaraní. After forgiven by the Guaraní, there was a moral growth in him. When the other Jesuits decided not to protect the indigenous people from the attack of Portuguese army, Mendoza was fighting with the Guaraní in order not to be enslaved by Portuguese. The ending of the movies was sad that only a handful people escaped into jungle and the rest of them including Jesuits and the Guaraní were shot into death.

When Father Gabriel facing the European army, he did not offer resistance. His excuse was that he though the violence against the Portuguese was a crime. The willing of the god was love which was no resistance. Although The Father Gabriel decided staying with indigenous people to wait the arrival of Portugal troops, his non-resistance was stupid. The Guaraní had the justification to fight against Portuguese to protect their home and their freedom. Those Portuguese were merciless and mercenary. The Guaraní should fight against evil persons to defend their own interests. I think the decision of Mendoza was courageous. He was not like other Jesuits taking no steps against armies. Instead, he sneaked into the Portuguese troops at night with a few Guaraní and killed a soldier of the troop. Later, he and the Guaraní defended themselves even though they were quickly defeated. The action of Mandoza was very brave and worth to be memorized.


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