Be More Human

Last Thursday, I took train back home. There was a stop from Wenzhou South Station to Wenling Station in my hometown. A middle- aged man in green shirt got on the train. His round face made him look like gentle and friendly. I thought he might be a good person, but the following conversation changed his impression on me. He went to his seat, finding that a woman who was around his age sat in his seat and the seat next to her was empty. The lady was confused about the seat number and though there was no difference between the two seats in the same row. The man said seriously, “this is my seat,” suggesting the lady was in wrong seat. When the lady asked smilingly, “Is any different?” The man replied with scorn, “of course” sounding a little bit angry.

The man was definitely correct to require the women seating the right place. But in the aspect of morality, I think the man was too rigid about rules which made him grim. When I saw he insisted on changing back his own seat, the lady seems very awkwardly and expressed her apology to the man. The man did not have to do causing the embarrassing atmosphere around him. Even though there was a rule passenger needed to seat according to the numbers in their tickets, it was not big deal seating in the wrong places, let alone there was a seat left behind the women. The crew never check passengers’ tickets to see whether there were in the correct numbers. They only care about whether passengers have bought tickets or they sit in the seat complying with the price they have paid. The man can explain to the lady friendly and then sat in his place. After all, the woman was not intended to make such mistake. His scorn only made him ruthless even if he might think he did nothing wrong. Rules are inflexible, but human can slightly adjust them according to real situations instead of obeying them strictly once they are carried out. This is the one of important characteristic differentiating us human beings from animals, bur the man seemed do not realize it.


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