Why did Atahuallpa walk into the trap?

Why did Atahuallpa walk into the trap?

Jared Diamond believes that the reason Atahuallpa walked into the trap can be attributed to 2 reasons. One is the Majority in Inca was illiterate and the other is Atahualla had little experiences with outside world. Because only small elites in modern Mexico and neighboring areas far to the north of the Inca Empire, the existence of Spaniard in Inca Empire was not known for 17 years and Atahualla ignored the early conquer of Spaniards. Besides, Atahuallpa lived in a country which had little connection with out side people. Neither did he have been to the Old World, nor tried to know different civilizations. Therefore, he did not have the ability to think deeply and became arrogant without challenges. As a result, illiteracy tradition and lack of experiences with human behaviors are two major reasons causing Atahuallapa walked into the trap.

As we all know, illiteracy was one of reasons leading to the falling of Inca’s Empire. But since small group of people had ability to write and read, why did not they teach their knowledge to other persons? I think there are 2 reasons. Maybe the consensus of general people was that literacy was not important to them. Spending time on producing food was more meaningful than studying how to read and write. Second, people were too busy to produce food so they did not have time or energy to study. The focus on food limited they to develop maritime technology so they were not able to reach Old World to refresh their minds and learn from their experiences. As a result, illiteracy could result in naïve beliefs of Incas. The falling of Inca was not accidental but inevitable.


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