Cheetah Hunt

This Saturday, resident assistants held a cheerful activity called Cheetah Hunt among the four buildings of our new dormitory. I am one of resident assistants taking the responsibility of supervision and making sure operations of the activity.


The game started at 3:29pm. All of braves were released first. They had one minute to run to safer place in case of being caught by hunters. At that moment, I really felt nervous for them because the amounts of hunters were three times more that braves even though 3 hunters were tied together as a group.

IMG_0392 2

Next minute, hunters began to search their prey. Their facial expression was very serious. They behaved aggressively as if they were determined to win. Pray for braves. They must watch out and run very fast to get rid of fierce hunters.


Just a few minutes past, some braves were caught by hunters. I had to say this game fully explained the rule of natural environment – the weak will stand as an easy prey to the strong. The man looked very strong but still defeated by hunters. The power of team work was amazing.

IMG_0364 2

During the activity, there were also some small games. For example, the brave and hunters were trying the destroying each other’s balloon. If the brave won, he can regain his freedom or else hunters will get a stamp.

The activity was a success in general. Every participant enjoyed themselves during the cheetah hunt. I am very honored to be one of resident assistants to organize the activity.


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