An Impressive Class

Last Monday, I had a special class which challenged out acting skills. This was very different from traditional classes which only required us to think critically and take part in topic discussion. Students in our class needed to act the scenes Othello that was about a general Othello finally became a jealous man after instigated by his hypocritical friend Iago.

Even though everyone did not memorize their transcript, it was very funny that we poured into our emotions when we read it loudly. I thought the most interesting thing was that a boy imitated two roles simultaneously, especially these two roles were in different genders. During the acting, he was trying to vibrate two different sounds. One was muffled and the other was shrill. Under the condition of lacking actors, this was a good method adopted by their team. But this made his a little crazy. All of the audience in the class burst into laugh at once.

Another amusing scene was Othello kissed her lovely wife Desdemona. After all we were not professional actors, intimate actions such as kiss was challengeable. We were too shy to do this. So one people from team 2 was assigned to make the sound of kiss. It surprised me when I saw he blew a kiss in the stage.


The above picture showed the death of Desdemona. The chair was her bed, the place she lied after her death. The girl who acted as Desdemona was a good performer. Before she died, she mourned loudly to suggest her innocence. Also, she lowered her head to indicate she stopped breathing. I was impressed by her acting skills and the courage to act details out.

That was a vey meaningful class. I enjoy it vey much and hop we could have another chance to perform.


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