Compare and Contrast North America and Papua New Guinea

North America is the largest content in the world. Papua New Guinea is just a small island separated by impenetrable jungle and choppy water. Those two areas seem to have no connections. However, they indeed have something in common even though differences are in the dominant place.

In the aspect of latitude, North America has wild range latitude stretched from Artic Circle to the Tropic of Cancer while Papua New Guinea centers on 5 degrees of south of the equator. Even though some places in North American are located in the north of the equator and Papua New Guinea is in the south of the equator, those areas belong to the tropics and have tropic climate.

Besides, vegetation in North America is much richer Papua New Guinea. While Vegetation in North America is varied from Arctic and Alpine to Mediterranean dessert and tropical, rainforest is the major vegetation in Papua New Guinea. Nonetheless, at least, both areas have tropical plants such as rainforests and jungles.

In addition to latitude and vegetation, some areas in North American and Papua New Guinea have frequent natural disasters. Because of their environmental extremes, earthquake, volcano, flood, drought hurricane and tornado often break out in the North American continent from Artic circle to the Rocky Mountains.  Similarly, Papua New Guinea is not only threatened by volcano but also plagued by deadly diseases such as malaria.

Therefore, North America and Papua New Guinea are definitely different from each other, but through compare and contrast, we can find some similarities between them.


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