A Trip in Hangzhou

This weekend I went to Hangzhou for interpreting contest with a teacher and two students from Wenzhou Kean University. The result of interpreting contest was not satisfying, but we did have fun during the experience in the bright spring. We visited West Lake and Hangzhou Museum, and then arrived in Zhejiang University.


We went to West Lake first. What amazed me most was the colorful life that old people had.  The spiritual life of old people was much richer than young people. I can see their enthusiasm in doing what they like. They were releasing their optimistic energy to the public as well as experiencing the feeling of being focused.

The left picture showed a old man blew his harmonica and one women was singing while the other was her dancing partner. Many people around them cast admiration to them.

Next, we went Hangzhou Museum. It exhibited many impressive antiques from ancient Chinese dynasties. I had to admit the intelligence of our ancestors was amazing.




When I first saw this cup, I connected it with glasses sold in almost every supermarket. It looked like ordinary or even insignificant. But when I looked through the introduction of it, I was astonished by its producer. The crystal cup was made in the warring state which was before Qin dynasty. The work was so approaching modern technology I even doubted whether there were mistakes of the appraisal.

Our final destination was Zhejiang University. Compared with our university, Zhejiang University was full of the lively atmosphere. Although the grand buildings were attractive, I preferred the flowers near a lake. Those little flowers were simple and elegant just like the life I always pursued for.


It was very pleasing for me to have a chance to have a short trip during stressful study life. Release pressure and restore confidence about myself.





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