Blending in with Big Family

In the university of American style, it is very hard to find sense of belonging. There are no real classmates in essence because people are different in each course and usually there is no intimate interaction among classmates. Fortunately, I join in Resident assistant team which gives me much happiness and makes me feel I belongs to a big family.



This is the picture from Friday night. Some of us decided to go out for dinner in a Korean cafeteria since we haven’t gathered together for fun for a long time. It was very happy during the dinner time. The major topic over the dinner was about food in which I was most interested. We ordered various food so we can try different flavors. Sharing food with others was exciting because it indicated the close relationship among team members. Some people even got food from one pot to the other. Everyone seemed to have good appetite under the harmonious atmosphere and we ordered three times to fulfill our stomach.

IMG_0192The guy raising his hand was trying to please everybody and draw our attention. Maybe the thing itself was not humorous, but it was attached with humor once he acted out. Later, he suddenly began to sing a song by imitating bel canto. I noticed two girls sitting next to us was looking at him. When I told him the embarrassing fact after two girls left. He said surprisingly, “Why don’t you tell me early? Maybe they are feeling good about me and I will get their contact information.” What a confident boy he was that I even don’t know how to respond.


It was a happy night with so many partners adding colors to my stressful college life.


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