Summary and Response

Blogging Is the New Persuasive Essay

In Shelley’s article, Blogging Is the New Persuasive Essay, she is trying to persuade people into believing blogging is the new persuasive essay. She claims blogging could be a skill through all of our life while traditional writing is less useful after we graduate from school. Blogs are created for different purposes and we can see the developing of critical thinking and persuasive writing. Therefore, learning how to blog is very important in 21st century. She suggests teachers should teach students stuffs which are helpful to write their blogs. Although blogging is different from academic writing, we still need to structure our blogs very well and write thesis statement for every blogs coming up with powerful voices of ourselves making blogging more persuasive.

From Shelley’s article, I understand the main idea of the article is importance of blogs and the persuasion they contain. What provokes the sympathy in my hear is blogging needs rich, sharp and distinct voice indicated by Shelley. I think this is one of crucial common characteristics of successful blogging. Since there are thousands of blogs posted every day, a blog with a unique voice will be outstanding among similar blogs. However, while Shelley thinks the placement of thesis statement in a blog is not determined yet, I insist thesis statement should be in the beginning of blogs as well as traditional essays. Since thesis statement is the main idea of blogs, it represents the voice of author. Having a strong voice highlights blogs, but it does not mean that thesis statement could be put everywhere. Because thesis statement is the eye of blogs, it makes it easier for readers grabbing main ideas and giving the confidence of continuing readers if it is located in the first paragrah. Thus, I agree with author that every blog should have its own special voice, but I am opposed to Shelley’s attitude towards the position of thesis statement.


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