Happy Hours with Little Niece

During the Spring Festival, I spent a lot of time with my family. Hours of taking care of my 4-year-old little niece were memorable and enjoyable. Her naughtiness and obedience made me laughing when I recalled the time with her. I have to admit she was half angel and devil and even though she made me exhausted, I had a happy afternoon with her.

This was an  afternoon that my niece was willing to my house which was out of expectation because under most circumstances, she would show extreme resistance. When we invited her to my home, she agreed after being lost in a though for a  few second. Then she pushed her granny out of the car indicating closing the door of the car so she could come with us. What she had done was through body language since she still cannot speak fluently by using spoken language. After she arrived my home, I was intended to feed her cherries. She replied to me, “You do not have to do that” in the tone of a mature adult. It was very funny that a little girl imitated an adult in the way of speaking. Later, in case she was bored, I hung out with her to find children at her age. In the half way to another building, she suddenly slowed down her pace and got behind me. I turned around to see what happened. She talked to me, “my feet are tired”. She moved ahead and twined her arms around my laps. I had no choice but to hold her with my arms. After a short time, I pretended to be lake of strength to go further, and put her down. We trotted into the destination hand in hand with slogan and she was getting very excited. She was very easy to be tricked. Later, she said she wanted to go back to my house. We were playing in the living room. She jumped between sofas and required me to take a picture for her. She was an elfin-like girl and made a series of funny actions.

Time flied when I was playing with my little niece. Even though I experienced the hardship of taking care of a child, I actually tasted the happiness with a naïve child. She could be very naughty, but I was obsessed with the innocent expressions on her face and enjoyed the hours being a child again.


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